f72Farrah Nayka Ashline is the founder and creator of the PotenZENtial firm. As both a writer and entrepreneur, she has fueled her creative energies into enterprises that were more about living a life of passion and self-growth. Her career has covered her education background in both writing and in holistic therapies, with a concentration in Eastern practices and philosophies. Having an interest in the holistic arts from a very young age, she studied massage therapy, energy medicine, body psychology, yoga, reflexology and tantra in Boston from 1997-1998.  After a transformational experience receiving a biodynamic massage in Boston, she was introduced to the chakras and immediately desired to incorporate this into her daily practice. In 2000, at only age 24 and in pursuit of a career in writing, she was Managing Editor of Nursing Spectrum Magazine. It was during this time that her passion for planning events for women became a top women’s Dot Com (GirlsGoingOut.Com) that landed in the Washington Post, Washington Business Journal and Entrepreneur Magazine. She won a spot as a morning DJ host on a popular radio station in Washington, DC, WHFS 99.1FM in 2000. After her Dot Com busted due to online advertising changes, she launched Paidia Public Relations. Working with top CEO mentors, she continued to write and create business ideas as a consultant and worked on Jaipur Cafe, the TV network KAMA with Michael Lessin of ConnectLive TV, and a new interior and fashion design firm, http://www.GetMeThatDesigner.Com. After taking a conference with Andrew Cohen, CEO of What is Enlightenment Magazine ( http://www.wie.org ) she realized the importance of working directly with those individuals who are “influencers” in the world, people who have direct influence over a large group of people. She trekked to India and created two holistic centers geared towards an Eastern holistic approach in the areas of relationships and sexuality in her company, http://www.HeartacheHelper.Com. She then went on to lead private tours through another formed company, http://www.AffordableIndia.Com. During the past two years, her Eastern studies have included Vastu design and theory, Feng Shui for the soul, and Karma Capitalism. She has been a private consultant to over 100 entrepreneurs and private companies. She has done numerous public talks in the realms of Eastern therapies and has coached over 500 clients in private practice as “The Heartache Helper.” In 2008, she launched her latest Eastern-inspired business coaching and wellness firm, www.PotenZential.Com She was featured in 2008 via WomenEntrepreneur.Com  She carries a wealth of experience in business startups, business plan writing, public relations, marketing techniques, holistic therapies, interior design, life coaching, public speaking, and writing. She emphasizes the importance of pursuing success and wellness in both one’s business and personal life.

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